JiuHe Receives Party Secretary of Putuo District, Zhoushan City

Release Time: 2017-07-03 Hits: 2548

Party Secretary of Putuo District, Zhoushan City Zhang Lijun paid a visit to JiuHe and Zhoushan Putuo Chamber Commerce in Shanghai for research and guidance, accompanied by Zhang Wenke, executive deputy chief of Putuo District, Deputy Chief He Shaobing, Hu Xianbiao, director of Investment Promotion Bureau of Putuo District, Zheng Kehua, party secretary of Putuo's Federation of Industry and Commerce, etc..

At the meeting, Yu Jianzhen, president of Putuo Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai and JiuHe's chairman, reported the company's operation situation and work in the Chamber. Fu Yuan'an, former deputy director of Zhejiang Provincial People's Government Office in Shanghai and counselor of the Chamber, Jiang Ming, honorary president and party branch secretary of the Chamber, and many entrepreneurs and experts from the Chamber including Liu Jinguo, Xu Haifeng, Guo Yue, Ding Guoliang, Chen Peijie, and Liu Leijun made the introduction of their respective companies, research field and various tasks they are working on on the levels of government, society and company. They also put forward the difficulties they are facing and major problems that need to be resolved under the help of the government.

After hearing the reports, Zhang Lijun highly appreciated the work the Chamber has been doing and pointed out that the Chamber's potential needs to be further tapped to improve its services for the member companies and make itself become a platform where the industry players can fully communicate. He hopes that various activities can be held through the Chamber introducing the development of Putuo District to attract more entrepreneurs to come back home and make investment. The activities can also be aimed to encourage more technical personnel to contribute more information and intelligence to their hometown, which will promote the construction of Putuo's health industrial park and the development of medical treatment, healthy food and healthy aging life.

As for the plan put forward by JiuHe on the establishment of an international ship trading market, Zhang said that the trading market is not only a platform for international ship trading, but also an industrial chain connecting the construction of Putuo's free trade port area. The district committee and government will give their full support for the plan and ensure its launch in Putuo. The detailed plan will be discussed later.